Week 7 is done and dusted! I thought overall this week was a great week for most couples. Most of them improved on their scores from last week and they are all upping their game because this year is the tightest competition we’ve had in years.

It’s getting to the point were getting 8’s across the board means you’re near the bottom of the leaderboard which just shows how amazing the talent is this year.

Danny & Oti:

What a way to kick off the show. I really enjoyed this jive as much as I love an old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll style of jive! It wasn’t quite as good as Ore’s jive from a few weeks ago but I still loved all the little details; the splits and the straddle box jump off the pool table. I’d have given him a 9 personally but the judges gave a couple of negative comments yet still gave him tens. The dance was not perfect but still brilliant nevertheless!

Daisy & Alijaz:

This dance fell a bit flat with me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not Daisy’s biggest fan or just because I’m not a lover of the Viennese Waltz. Why did they make her dance to a song with her name in?

Hashtag Cringe! She still needs more fluidity in her top line and to improve her hold but that was her best score yet!

Ore & Joanne:

Two of my favourite things on the dancefloor are hips and lifts! Ore is one of my favourite contestants this year because he genuinely looks like he’s having so much fun with Joanne and that’s the feeling I always had when dancing! It wasn’t my favourite dance of his but it was still fantastic! Joanne, once again, pulled it out of the bag with the choreography.

Ed & Katya:

This dance was up there with the cowboy Charleston! I thought his footwork and hold were great! Even though he’s the joke act, he really can dance. Ballroom is definitely his strong suit so I was glad his quickstep was both danced well and acted well. I loved all the slapstick elements in it too!

Laura & Giovanni:

‘Bamboleo’ should only be danced to on a Wednesday (thank you Scott Mills!) so I was hesitant from the get-go! This was definitely not her best dance and it was more Giovanni than Laura which sort of annoyed me. The show is about showing off the celebrity and their new skills, not having the spotlight on the pro! Unfortunately, she messed up a section and I think it threw her off completely.

Judge Rinder & Oksana:

Fred and Ginger, eat your heart out! I thought the facial expressions enhanced his dance this week and he has this natural sway that you need for this sort of dance. I’m loving how passionate he is about learning to dance and wanting to know the history of each style. I appreciate this and I’m sure the other pros do too.

Rinder and Redknapp. They sound like a crime-fighting duo…

Louise & Kevin:

The moment I’ve been waiting for all series: an Argentine Tango (Ed – And me! *STAMP*).

For me, other than the Charleston, it’s my favourite chance: I love the sensuality and the drama of it and above all, the technique. Louise did not disappoint. Her technique was flawless and the intent was mesmerising. I don’t think it was quite a 10 for me but it was very, very close!

Greg & Natalie:

Greg is back! For a Viennese Waltz, I thought this dance was very dramatic and I do appreciate the use of a piece of furniture in a dance. I definitely think he’s a dark horse if he believes in himself a bit more. Now he’s starting to act more which will only enhance his dancing. I’m excited to see his Paso Doble next week; I think it could be his dance!

Claudia & AJ:

I loved this dance! It was nice to see her having to be feistier and less lovely in a dance. I know she may have let out a smile in a couple of places but she was obviously just enjoying herself! I thought her shaping was pretty good but as a gymnast, she’s used to having a strong upper body whereas a dancer needs to have more movement. I think I want her to win!


The Pocket Rocket…. And some dancer dude.

Sunday started with a bang with an amazing Cuban-inspired group dance. I’m so glad we got to see Oti in the spotlight; she is PHE-NOM-INAL!


Then came the shocker of the results: I was gutted to see Ore & Joanne in the bottom two. I know his dance wasn’t as amazing as he has been in previous weeks but it was still good!

Laura is obviously not very popular with the viewers and on the night, her performance wasn’t great. I thought she improved in the dance-off but you can’t deny that Ore is an exceptional performer and therefore deserved to go through.


Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday and Sunday evenings on BBC1.