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The LWT List: Corrie Couples

Corrie has given us far too many couples to cry along with or care about so I thought I’d write about a few of my faves. Because as cheesy as it sounds, isn’t life all about love…

Obviously, there were couples I have missed, but here are the five that automatically sprang to mind…

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The LWT List: Call to Action 

Is there anything more enduring than our nations soaps? Whether we watch them religiously or dip in and out; there is something about them that keeps them on all of our radars. 
It may be the humour, the drama and the controversy; but I suspect it’s something simpler than that. For all the so-called reality tv on the box, the thing that mirrors the real world most consistently are the soaps. 

With that in mind, we have a new series called The LWT List. Here we will be picking our favourites from Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Home & Away and Neighbours. 

There may be some appearances from Doctors, Eldorado, Crossroads, Night & Day and the US favourites as well. 

But we want you to get involved. Do you have a favourite ‘doctor’ we shouldn’t ignore or which bad girl would you want on your side in a fight? Or who was the barman you wish could serve you? 

So comment below, do the polls, hit us up on twitter @letswatchtele

Soap Deaths: Five characters I wouldn’t miss 

 So long, farewell. 

Following the news that the amazing Paula Lane is to be killed off in her role as Kylie Platt, I started thinking about the soap characters I wouldn’t miss. 
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