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TOWIE: If it smells like…

A couple of things that never cease to amaze me about the cast of reality TV shows is their lack of self awareness, and the fact they seem to forget that all their previous dreams had been recorded on camera and shown on TV.

Yet, they continue to talk like we have no idea of their past indiscretions / tantrums / shade throwing.

So this whole Megan and Amber T suddenly being gracious and open to friendship with Courtney and Chloe M smells riper than a teenage boys football socks. It took her a year to ‘forgive’ them yet she has the cheek to slate Chloe S for not forgiving Pete straight away. How quickly they forget, eh!

Anyway, there is a benefit to the Girl Band reunion and that’s the return of the Bone Collector. Aka Tommy – probably the most normal person on the show he saw past the BS from day, and I can’t wait for him to keep dropping bombs this series as the drama continues.

On a lighter note, how cool is it to see Mario and Popey back? Bringing some maturity to the proceedings is much needed, and you could see Mario wanted to shout something when he spoke to Pete on the park…

Is it me or is GC auditioning to be the new and less vile Jeremy Kyle? She spends the first episode trying to arrange everyone else’s life but maybe that’s so she can ignore her own. We’ve so been there Gem!

Line of the episode goes to Jon on his conversations with Popey: “She tells me about her family and business. I tell her about Lions and Killer Whales.”

TOWIE is on ITVBe on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 10pm.


Strictly: The Final Three and Farewell Len

How is this series over already? I know everyone’s been saying it but it really has been the best series so far! The talent has been through the roof and there wasn’t one celebrity who couldn’t dance. Even Ed Balls could move and he was supposed to be this year’s ‘joke’ act. Before I discuss the winner, let’s take a look at all of the dances from the night.

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Strictly: Hung, drawn and quartered 

How are we at the quarter finals already? We’ve sorted out the wheat from the chaff and are down to the final 5. We’ve seen countless routines but now we’re seeing the performance shine through and the judges are picking up on the smallest of mistakes!

We were treated to 3 group dances this week too: Anton’s homage to the musicals, a West Side Story tribute and a Chicago-inspired number. I have to say that I am slightly biased because West Side Story is my favourite musical so of course that one was my favourite! Karen and Janette were just perfect as Anita and Maria; I just wish that the dance was longer!

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Strictly: Cha. Cha. Chaaaa

I can’t believe there are only six couples left! I don’t want this series to ever end! Week ten is complete and it was a great week.

This week, the contestants had to learn two dances as they not only had their regular routine but the Cha-Cha-Challenge in which all six couples were on the floor at the same time dancing to the same song, like in a regular ballroom competition.

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Strictly: Blackpool bangers

Week 9 has ended and I can’t believe we now only have 6 couples left! The standard is so high now then genuinely any couple can go home if they don’t get enough votes!

I loved that there were two group dances this week too and that both were a nod to the musicals: firstly, A Chorus Line-inspired dance with top hats and tails and Sunday’s had a rock and roll Hairspray vibe (which is right up my street).

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