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Black Mirror 4: It’s Life Jim…

If anything, the dystopian world Charlie Brooker created to show us how we will misuse benign technology until it destroys us all, is a little too convincing. I know this because I’ve just  watched the latest series, and it would appear that Black Mirror has finally fallen into a black hole of its own making.

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Louis Theroux: Dark States, Heroin Town

Today I learned that America’s opiate abuse problem is, to all intents and purposes, sponsored by the major pharmaceutical companies, who are also substantial donors to presidential campaigns of both colours.

I wish I’d gone with my first instinct and watched Susan Calman on Strictly instead.

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Tin Star: Close, but no cigar

I’m in two minds about Tin Star. Ironic really, given the nature of the show, but I feel obliged to give you fair warning as my internal dialogue is likely to influence this review heavily.

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TOWIE: If it smells like…

A couple of things that never cease to amaze me about the cast of reality TV shows is their lack of self awareness, and the fact they seem to forget that all their previous dreams had been recorded on camera and shown on TV.

Yet, they continue to talk like we have no idea of their past indiscretions / tantrums / shade throwing.

So this whole Megan and Amber T suddenly being gracious and open to friendship with Courtney and Chloe M smells riper than a teenage boys football socks. It took her a year to ‘forgive’ them yet she has the cheek to slate Chloe S for not forgiving Pete straight away. How quickly they forget, eh!

Anyway, there is a benefit to the Girl Band reunion and that’s the return of the Bone Collector. Aka Tommy – probably the most normal person on the show he saw past the BS from day, and I can’t wait for him to keep dropping bombs this series as the drama continues.

On a lighter note, how cool is it to see Mario and Popey back? Bringing some maturity to the proceedings is much needed, and you could see Mario wanted to shout something when he spoke to Pete on the park…

Is it me or is GC auditioning to be the new and less vile Jeremy Kyle? She spends the first episode trying to arrange everyone else’s life but maybe that’s so she can ignore her own. We’ve so been there Gem!

Line of the episode goes to Jon on his conversations with Popey: “She tells me about her family and business. I tell her about Lions and Killer Whales.”

TOWIE is on ITVBe on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 10pm.

The State: Can you glorify the truth?

The State is exactly what drama should be. A show that raises questions about the world we live in, questions that we may or may not want to answer. Questions that we may not get the answers to; but will make us think, nonetheless.

The journey of those who leave British shores to travel to Syria in the ‘name’ of Islam is something that is debated on an hourly basis.

Despite what certain parts of the mainstream media would have you believe; the story isn’t as simple as a bunch of Muslims wanting to bomb us all because they despise western ways. Nor is it only brown people who make the decision to join ISIS or its variations. Like most things in life, it is far more complicated than that.

Many of the reasons are touched on in the first hour-long episode.

The young London Muslim who feels he is honouring his brother’s memory. The single mother who wants to offer her medical services as the new Islamic State builds itself. The young girl who has never used a communal bathroom and wants to be “a Lioness amongst the Lions”.

I’ve seen lots of comments suggesting that it is glamourising the idea of terrorism, but you rarely see that when the subject matter is rape or any other kind of abuse. Regardless, it doesn’t.

It’s trying to show you why people are making those decisions, and why some believe they are doing the right and noble thing when they make this choice. A choice that often results in them giving up their life.

It’s trying to show us that we cannot truly try to stop radicalisation until we consider the causes of how people are brainwashed in this way.

I don’t have all the answers, sadly none of us do. But maybe The State will help us all start to ask the right questions.

The State is on Channel 4 at 9pm until Wednesday, or it can be found on All4.

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