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Black Mirror: The drugs don’t work


Charlie Brooker thinks you’re a rat.

Not one of those scrofulous brown ones that lives in a drain and goes through your food waste box at night, spreading disease and microwave meal trays all over the pavement. The man’s not a maniac. He’s got in you a smart, reasonably sized cage, there’s access to food and water, and you have entrancing, brushed aluminium toys to keep you busy.

Still. Tart it up however you want. The man thinks you’re a rat.

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Cleverman: We’re never as clever as we think

The beauty of Cleverman is in it’s simplicity.

Rich v poor

White v black

Indigenous v migrants

Fight v flight

Brother v brother

And that’s where the creators of this show got it spot on because at the centre of the show is something we all relate to; family (Peggy Mitchell voice). Whether you had any or not, it shapes all of us. And that basis is what shines through every one of these characters.

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The Out-Laws: Guilty Pleasures



If an unfortunate accident were to occur, you’d probably want it to happen to Jean Claude Delcorps. He’s rude, overbearing, casually racist, startlingly cruel and overly sensitive. He makes sport of minimising and belittling his diffident wife in public. 

A painful, protracted death would be sad in the way that all death is sad, but few would argue that the world would be a nicer place without him in it.

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Mr Robot: Deep web


Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

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Weiner: Nominative determinism or something more?


Most of you are more likely to recognise former Democrat New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner when shown a photo of his underwear than one showing his face.

Does that say more about our media or Anthony Wiener?

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