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TOWIE: If it smells like…

A couple of things that never cease to amaze me about the cast of reality TV shows is their lack of self awareness, and the fact they seem to forget that all their previous dreams had been recorded on camera and shown on TV.

Yet, they continue to talk like we have no idea of their past indiscretions / tantrums / shade throwing.

So this whole Megan and Amber T suddenly being gracious and open to friendship with Courtney and Chloe M smells riper than a teenage boys football socks. It took her a year to ‘forgive’ them yet she has the cheek to slate Chloe S for not forgiving Pete straight away. How quickly they forget, eh!

Anyway, there is a benefit to the Girl Band reunion and that’s the return of the Bone Collector. Aka Tommy – probably the most normal person on the show he saw past the BS from day, and I can’t wait for him to keep dropping bombs this series as the drama continues.

On a lighter note, how cool is it to see Mario and Popey back? Bringing some maturity to the proceedings is much needed, and you could see Mario wanted to shout something when he spoke to Pete on the park…

Is it me or is GC auditioning to be the new and less vile Jeremy Kyle? She spends the first episode trying to arrange everyone else’s life but maybe that’s so she can ignore her own. We’ve so been there Gem!

Line of the episode goes to Jon on his conversations with Popey: “She tells me about her family and business. I tell her about Lions and Killer Whales.”

TOWIE is on ITVBe on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 10pm.


Made in Chelsea – Ibiza: F**k your journey!

I adore Louise’s such obvious distaste for the Sam and Mimi situation. Hashtag big sister goals. As someone who has been there, done it and worn the t-shirt – she did date Spencer + Jamie – she can see the car crash coming a mile off.

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Made in Chelsea – Ibiza: Same crap, different country

I can’t be the only one wondering how our richest reality TV stars would fare in the party capital of Ibiza.

But I think we all agree they are visiting a different part of the country than we are used to seeing splashed all over the tabloids every summer.

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TOWIE: Open your eyes

So I caught up with last night’s TOWIE, and wanted to shout at the screen several times. 
I’ll try and explain why… 

Whether you like Tommy and Georgia’s delivery or not, you can’t deny they’re doing the right thing. They’re protecting their friend. Yes Chloe is a strong woman but she is also a single woman with a teenage daughter and when we’re upset, we need our friends to support us. 

Fair enough that Pete is upset with Tommy, but Georgia didn’t have a go at him. She spoke to him calmly and explained her reasons. So why did he then slag her off? 

I’m glad him and Chloe cleared the air but if reports are to be believed other events may affect that. 

I can’t help but agree with Chloe. Every scene – bar the Gemma/Bobby bits – involved people talking about Megan. Not because they’re jealous, or they actually care; but because of the way she acts. 

As an older person, I hate to see girls like her and Amber Turner advert like that. They come across like the fields in school who made other people’s life hell. Their pretty faces don’t make up for ugly souls. 

She is manipulative, you only have to look at the way she unnecessarily rang Pete last week to tell him about Tommy. The way she is quick to shout and scream at everyone else, but makes out like she’s the victim when it’s people she knows some tasks her shit. Suddenly she’s all sweetness and light when Chloe or Georgia day something. 

Chloe Meadows was right not to go. Why would Megan want her there when she clearly doesn’t like her. And who invites people on the day of the event. As my Nan used to say: “Late invitation is for fool.” 

Besties love

On a happier note, I loved Gemma doing her best friend duties and reminding Bobby that he is fabulous and worthy. Because, frankly, he is. Trust me, if I can find someone then there’s hope for everyone. 

And Myles and Courtney were once again the epitome of cuteness. Can you imagine the babies?

TOWIE is on ITVBe Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm

Made in Chelsea: Karma is a B****

I can’t help but feel like Frankie cheating on Jamie was merely his just desserts for all the cheating he’s done over the years. I always feel like if you’re cheating on your partner is because you don’t want to be with them, deep down. Just do the decent think and move on. For both of your sakes.

But much like Sam, I don’t take pleasure in it; I just ended up feeling sorry for the balding bleached bore. I mean once you look past money he isn’t exactly a catch and as the years go on, he doesn’t seem like he’s a lovely person. Although I imagine he’d be a good laugh on a night out.

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