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Scream – The TV Series: Slashing its way into our homes



Every time we think we’ve seen the last of the slasher genre, it bloody comes back to life like a psychotic killer ready for a sequel.
Surprise, Sidney!

Slasher films were iconic in the 70’s and 80’s, and when we reached the 90’s we thought the genre was dead until it was revived by Scream in 1996.

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Geordie Shore: Life Imitating Arse Imitating Life

How long can this go on for?

This question occurred to me at some point during the third episode of Series 12 of Geordie Shore and I’ll be honest with you, distracted me from the rest of the ‘action’ and the night’s sleep I felt I deserved.

Because, let’s face it, it could go on forever.

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The Valleys: Where Life Begins


Oh god. What fresh hell is this? 

9408632-largeKelly’s forays into the murky underbelly of dramality television are not new. Natasha has repeatedly articulated her concerns over her esteemed colleague’s viewing habits, but initially she trusted her, accepting in good faith her explanation that the Jersey Shore thing was justified on the basis that it was at the forefront of a cultural zeitgeist involving the liberal use of confusion-avoidance lettering against colourful backdrops.

Natasha let it go. She shouldn’t have.

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Geordie Shore: Everything Changes But You

Note how the cast’s reactions to the new boys’ genitalia offer a subtle hint as to the nature of their future relationships. 

Bored? Lonely? Suicidal?

We are. That’s why we watch this shite.

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Geordie Shore, Chaos In Cancun Pt.III: The Last Hurrah?

Disturbingly, this is not the most frightening image you will see in this post. Image via tumblr

We’re worried about Vicky from Geordie Shore, readers.

Don’t panic, she hasn’t undergone a personality bypass or anything.  As we all know, Vicky’s behaviour does not inspire pity in normal people as much as uncontrollable violence directed towards the TV, but she has recently fallen under the spell of a known offender and Stockholm Syndrome is setting in.

Ricci, who has several warrants outstanding with the Fashion Police, has, through a system of ab exposure, short bursts of sex and incoherent screaming, tricked Vicky into thinking marrying him will be a good idea.

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