It’s the end of October so of course it’s time for Halloween week on Strictly Come Dancing. There are just ten couples left so we’re starting to see some couples flourish and improve whereas some are nowhere near the incredibly high standard we’ve seen this series.

I will warn you that I do have a background in dance; I’m not trained in either ballroom or Latin but I do know a lot about technique from my years of ballet and basically being a Strictly super-fan.

Louise & Kevin:

The couple danced a Charleston to a very odd version of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. Now I love a Charleston but this one, I did not. I’m normally a huge fan of Louise’s dances but for me, this was just average.

Maybe it’s because I’m not a Batman fan? I didn’t think her technique was as strong as usual but I’m excited to see her Argentine Tango next week which is my favourite dance.

Judge Rinder & Oksana:

I have a massive fear of butterflies so couldn’t watch the intros at all! Overall, I think Judge Rinder is improving massively. I feel like he’s been undermarked since week 1 (apart from that awful Flinstones Charleston in Movies week) so I was glad to see him finally moving up the leaderboard with that Paso Doble!

Claudia & AJ:

Claudia is becoming my favourite female; she was good to begin with and now she’s finally starting to make a move with higher scores every week. A great dance to a popular song is always going to be a crowd pleaser!

It’s the first time I’ve seen her have more fluidity in her movement, especially her arms, which is foreign to her as a gymnast.

Anastacia & Brendan:

I feel like Anastacia peaked last week with Gorka and that lovely quickstep (I miss Gorka a lot!) as this week was not good.
She deserves a lot of credit for all the hours she’s been putting in but somehow it’s just not translating to her feet! She looks fab in all her costumes though; the low cut V seems to be a favourite of hers! And Brendan on a Segway? What’s not to love?

Danny & Oti:
I really wanted to not like Danny but as a fellow dancer, I am in awe of his dance ability. Unfortunately, this week was not great. I think adding the red cord was a step too far; I loved the idea of them being tied to each other but it just didn’t seem to come across that well on camera.

I’ve never seen him make any mistakes before so that was a big shock. I’m sure he’ll come back stronger than ever next week!

Laura & Giovanni:

I’m so thrilled that Laura is fit to dance once again as her jive last week looked to be full of potential on It Takes Two. She came back fighting this week with a phenomenal tango.

It was full of attack and drama which I love. I’m glad she was joint top of the leaderboard which means she’s safe for a week but she doesn’t seem to be very popular with the viewers!

Nice robes…

Ore & Joanne:

Oh Ore, he is my favourite contestant so far. Since movies week, he has just gone from strength to strength. The partnership that he has with Joanne is amazing; they seem like they’re having so much fun together.

This week, however, I wasn’t a fan of the performance. The choreography was great as usual but I couldn’t get past the costumes!

Greg & Natalie:

Now I am a huuuuuge fan of Greg for more than one reason (Ed – Aren’t we all!), but this week I was more annoyed with Natalie. I loved the dance but it wasn’t a Rumba to me. I needed more Rumba technique and hip action in it!

Also, how on earth you are meant to choregraph a song to Evanescence, I don’t know. Why would you pick that song?

Daisy & Alijaz:

Daisy is in the dangerous position being in the middle of the leaderboard constantly and I don’t think she’s very popular either.

I thought her Paso Doble was strong this week but she needs to bend more to give her better shaping. I loved the theme of the dance but I don’t think the performance element was as strong as some of the others!


Ed & Katya:

First of all, I want to point out that Ed is the worst dancer. However, compared to previous years, he can actually move and is dancing. Katya is putting plenty of technique into the dances and he is trying to say he’s meant to be the joke act this year.

Saying that, I love Ed and the enjoyment he brings to the floor. He looks like he’s having a good time so I have a good time watching him and he’s really going for it and giving everything he’s got!

After Saturday’s show, I thought I had a good idea of who would be in the dance-off. At the end of the day, if you’re in the bottom three, you should expect to be in the dance-off. Anastacia got the lowest scores this week so was the right person to go but Daisy was fourth on the leaderboard so that was a shock.

I’d like to see her really show her personality in a dance so we can see she’s having fun. I’m not being funny but how can you not have fun dancing with Alijaz every day?
So that is all for this week; join me next Sunday for a round-up of week seven! Let’s hope that the ten paddle makes an appearance again!

Sian Reed

Strictly is on BBC1 on Saturday and Sunday evenings.