Louise should be careful before people start calling her a holiday ligger. Cos we had her admitting she didn’t really like Steph, but went to the Maldives because it was the Maldives. And tonight she alluded to the fact she was only going to meet her long-distance love Alik because he was taking her to St. Barts.

I’ve never found Louise the most likable of girls and I think that stems from her cheating on Andy… and then Alik. But there seems to be a disease in the plush Thompson manor that means neither sibling is ever at fault for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault as to why they made the almighty eff-up in the first place. If I remember rightly, wasn’t it Sam’s cheating that started this whole drama? Maybe I should send Future Tasha ahead to figure that one out for me…

I really feel like Sam should just give up the ghost and accept the fact that him and Lucy will never be the Tanya & Jack Branning of SW3. Because his need for an apology is getting a little bit needy. Like Lucy said; she’ll apologise for upsetting him, but not for being herself. And why would she?

But you have to love her apology, sorry clearly was the hardest word for Lucy to say as she didn’t use it once.
I genuinely love that girl!

Down by the river, we had Jamie getting his little boat stuck in the grass. Which felt like a euphemism for his love life. Poor Frankie is the latest victim and her face when Nicola shared the rumours was less surprise and more expectation. Let’s be frank, it’s only the fact that he’s this cheeky chappy that makes us dislike him less than Spencer.

But in all honesty, who can trust a man who dresses like this?


I wouldn’t trust him with my phone charger, let alone my heart! But Frankie clearly has doubts otherwise she wouldn’t be talking about it so much. Oops, silly me. What other storyline does she have? And the man doth protest too much…

Talking of matters of the heart, what the hell is Richard’s problem? I’m all for a bit of geek chic but his glass rod is stock so far up his bum, he can’t seem to see that Toff is the perfect girl for him.

She’s everything he isn’t; fun, carefree and with an exuberance for life outside of a lecture theatre!
I understand his reservations, Toff took a while to grow on me as well. But as a scientist, he should understand how fungi works.

But Toff, if you want to go out and get smashed to get over him; the LWT team will gladly hold your hair while you vomit.

Winner – James to Sam after he bawled out Lucy
“You angry little shit!”

Runner up – Fraser to Lucy about their first meeting
“They said; she’s cold, she’s a bitch…
I mean, you were…”

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