We all knew it was coming but it won’t make it any easier for people to say goodbye to Peggy Mitchell.

Very few people embody what London is about more than Dame Barbara Windsor and in Peggy, she created a character who pretty much everyone loved. And for TV addicts like me, she’s up there with some amazing soap actresses; Pam St. Clements, Liz Dawn and Anne Kirkbridge.

But as an individual farewell episode it was brilliant. And Dominic Treadwell-Collins pulled a masterstroke in getting Pam to reprise get role as Part Butcher – in ghost style. Other than Phil, for a long time Pat was the only constant in Peggy’s life. And despite their issues over men their friendship was strong until the end.


I must admit them two being drunk in the ice-cream made me feel like I was watching me and my bestie in 30 years time.

The writing was perfect and it felt like everyone brought their A-Game for the return of Dame Babs. There were really touching scenes between her and Kellie Bright and later on, Letitia Dean. It very much felt like Peggy was passing on the baton of the Queen Vic and Phil, respectively.


But alongside our Dame, we have to tip our hats to Steve McFadden who was brilliant as Phil Mitchell. Despite some shaky storylines over the years, his acting often gets overlooked. I’ve been saying for years that he’s the best drunk on TV and luckily for Eastenders he also does a cracking ‘grieving son’. The scene where he read Peggy’s letter was understated and haunting.

So now the shock has set in, we’ll have the aftermath of her death and inevitable drama of her funeral. With Sam returning and Roxy still on the missing list, you can bet it’ll be an interesting few months for the Mitchell clan.

Until then, we’ll raise a glass of champagne to Peggy and say goodnight.