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sports fiend, news junkie, writer/editor, ex-kickette staffer, caffeine worshipper. bad hats and osiris hi-tops a specialty. oh, and most definitely not a porn star, in case you've been googling.

Inventing Anna: #NoFilter

It started with regret, as it so often does on Netflix. Fifteen minutes into the first episode of ‘Inventing Anna’, the titular character’s accent swaying between South Africa and an at-that-point unidentified Eastern bloc country coupled with Anna Chlumsky’s frantic study of a woman about to give birth at any moment, I was feeling like I’d made a terrible decision to commit nine hours of my life to this show. 

I was wrong. Here’s some background.

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Black Mirror 4: It’s Life Jim…

If anything, the dystopian world Charlie Brooker created to show us how we will misuse benign technology until it destroys us all, is a little too convincing. I know this because I’ve just  watched the latest series, and it would appear that Black Mirror has finally fallen into a black hole of its own making.

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Louis Theroux: Dark States, Heroin Town

Today I learned that America’s opiate abuse problem is, to all intents and purposes, sponsored by the major pharmaceutical companies, who are also substantial donors to presidential campaigns of both colours.

I wish I’d gone with my first instinct and watched Susan Calman on Strictly instead.

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Tin Star: Close, but no cigar

I’m in two minds about Tin Star. Ironic really, given the nature of the show, but I feel obliged to give you fair warning as my internal dialogue is likely to influence this review heavily.

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Time Commanders: A buttery biscuit place


My other half loves this. Has done since we met, which was around the time of the Punic Wars. Old episodes are freely available on YouTube and you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve woken in the middle of the night to the sound of 5000 Carthaginians roaring into battle on the end of my bed.

I always comfort myself with the knowledge it could be worse.

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