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Made in Chelsea – The Aftermath


In what has probably been my least favourite series of Tales from SW3 ™, I should’ve known I could rely on Mr Edwards to redress the balance with common sense, a few cutting lines and a seriously dapper outfit. Am I the only one that thinks he should really take Jamie shopping?

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Made in Chelsea: Yah, yah and nah


When Marc-Francis Vandelli is the voice of relationship reason, we all know that there is some serious drama in the hearts of the SW3 faithful.

How else can you explain JP dumping Binky, even before he knew she had kissed someone else on a drunken night out? Of course, I’m not condoning her cheating but if you’ve read my posts before you know that I’ve never thought he was good enough for our Alexandra.

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Made in Chelsea: What. What? What!


Now I’ve never met Lucy Watson, but I know one thing for sure; she hates people talking about her relationship. So when Stephanie started spilling all the tea to Jamie, I knew exactly where this episode was going. And then when she continued it with Tiff, Hurricane Watson was never going to be far away.

In fact this episode was a major fail for Chelsea’s second favourite Yank – Alik is obviously first.

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