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X-Factor: Hello old friend, we’ve missed you 

The Dream Team. And Louis.

It’s that time of year again, when autumn reminds you that you’ve had no summer, when you realize you have to spent Christmas with the in-laws again; and when a collection of stars, diamonds and poor comedians make their way into a room to sing and be embarrassed/praised by a bunch of people at a really cheap table.

And if that sentence was hard to swallow, it’s nothing compared to the amount of X-Factor we’ll be force-fed over the next four months. But we’ll still watch it, we’ll still talk about it and moan about it like our lives depends on it. It’s the reality TV disease. And would we have it any other one?

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Golden Oldie: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 

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The I-Spy Guide To I’m A Celebrity: Sarcasm Edition

Entertainment for the masses, 21st Century style. 

Like Dancing On Ice, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ is one of the few celebrity based game shows that brings with it the very real and thrilling possibility of abject peril. Wanting to see someone you’ve been nursing a special hatred for get savagely attacked by a poisonous animal or have their fingers sliced off on an ice rink while Philip Schofield looks on in horror are perfectly natural human desires, and we should consider ourselves fortunate that so many celebrities are willing to hurl themselves into the fray for our entertainment.

‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ starts on Sunday. Here are some exciting things to look out for, just in case you missed last year’s highlight.

Anyone know how Fatima Whitbread’s doing, by the way?

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