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Five Guys a Week Recap: Kellie from Burnley

Although it started last week, this was my first time watching Five Guys a Week and it was more than I could ever have wished for.

This new “dating show with a twist” was a cross between two of Channel 4’s best reality tv offerings; First Dates and Four in a Bed. The premise sees five single men move in with our singleton for the “week” with one being chosen to leave each morning after breakfast.

This week’s picker was Kellie, a single Mum from Burnley, who – in a dating show rarity – was attractive, intelligent and full of sass. And sporting several cracking tattoos.

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Love Island: #GetLaid! Unless you’re Tom, that is 

Before I go any further I must make sure that the world, well, our readers; know that not all females are as incapable at DIY as the girls in the villa. I, and most of the women I know are more than able to change fuses, wire plugs and knock up the best IKEA have to offer. Now we’ve got that out of the way…

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