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RHOC: The Rise of the ‘Hormonal Psychopath’

Tanya Bardsley is a “hormonal psychopath”.

Her words, not mine. I would never be so presumptuous.

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Real Housewives of Cheshire: Currant Brain

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I’ve scoured the papers, you know, and I can’t find any evidence whatsoever of theĀ terrible crimeĀ that broke out in Cheshire’s beauty salons over recent months. Not a single news agency -British or international – is carrying the story of how a gang of renegade lunatics liberatedĀ a box ofĀ scrubs from the Biffa bin outside a hospital and, disguised as medical professionals, injected melted car tyres into the faces of several women in the local area.

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TOWIE: And now, the end is near…


I like to think this song was playing in Jake’s head when Chloe put on her big girl pants and walked away from him. Admittedly she should’ve seen past the pretty blue eyes a long time ago. But better late than never, I guess.

It has been a weird series for TOWIE with the introduction of Megan and her fans, I mean friends. Chloe and Courtney have added nothing to the show, except to make all the other girls closer as they unite over their dislike for them.

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TOWIE: Preach Princess.


Oh Chloe Lewis!

I once thought you had the personality of a goldfish, but boy, you have redeemed yourself.

You put the fame-hungry Megan McKenna in her place, and it didn’t require physical violence. (Sorry Naomi)

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