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Natasha Henry

Freelance journalist, writer, pundit and commentator. I've worked for Sky News, Sky Sports News, the Daily Mirror, The Voice, Channel 4, the Guardian, Mail Online, Arise TV, Radio 5 Live and more.

The LWT List: Corrie Couples

Corrie has given us far too many couples to cry along with or care about so I thought I’d write about a few of my faves. Because as cheesy as it sounds, isn’t life all about love…

Obviously, there were couples I have missed, but here are the five that automatically sprang to mind…

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Strictly: Gangnam style, singing guile and Blackpool in a little while


Another week has been and gone and what a show Saturday night was! I thought every single couple improved from last week and really gave it their best shot as they need the votes to get through to Blackpool next week! I can’t believe we’re halfway through now so here’s the round-up of all the action from week 8.

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Strictly: Song Lowes and dancer woes


Week 7 is done and dusted! I thought overall this week was a great week for most couples. Most of them improved on their scores from last week and they are all upping their game because this year is the tightest competition we’ve had in years.

It’s getting to the point were getting 8’s across the board means you’re near the bottom of the leaderboard which just shows how amazing the talent is this year.

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Strictly: Unpopular players and unlikely stayers

It’s the end of October so of course it’s time for Halloween week on Strictly Come Dancing. There are just ten couples left so we’re starting to see some couples flourish and improve whereas some are nowhere near the incredibly high standard we’ve seen this series.

I will warn you that I do have a background in dance; I’m not trained in either ballroom or Latin but I do know a lot about technique from my years of ballet and basically being a Strictly super-fan.

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Cleverman: We’re never as clever as we think

The beauty of Cleverman is in it’s simplicity.

Rich v poor

White v black

Indigenous v migrants

Fight v flight

Brother v brother

And that’s where the creators of this show got it spot on because at the centre of the show is something we all relate to; family (Peggy Mitchell voice). Whether you had any or not, it shapes all of us. And that basis is what shines through every one of these characters.

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