I adore Louise’s such obvious distaste for the Sam and Mimi situation. Hashtag big sister goals. As someone who has been there, done it and worn the t-shirt – she did date Spencer + Jamie – she can see the car crash coming a mile off.

Also, how funny is Ryan? Not only does he love his ham (Ed – Me too!) but he attempts (and fails) to chastise Louise for being colder than Canada at brunch, before dropping the beauty that was: “Mimi. You’re looking worried”.

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I actually agreed with Mimi when she told Sam to take responsibility. Seriously lil Thompson, grow some!

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We can all see that none of this is going to end well. Much like the weird flirting between Frankie and Harry. Is anyone else wondering what Jamie has to say about this?

Coz while he’s working hard in London this girlfriend is effectively BFF’s with the guy that tried to sleep with her last season. Although it looks like her and Jamie’s unhealthy relationship will be faulty with next week. Fingers crossed!

Also, Sam has a cheek judging Frankie when he’s broken every rule of the ‘blonde person’s break book’.

Olivia, you do not need to be more ladylike. There are enough stuck up princesses in Chelsea to last us a lifetime. Stick to being cool and fun and honest. Stick to being the sort of person I want to go for an Expresso Martini with.

And Toff, I love you but you needed to make Sam Prince work a little harder to regain your friendship after he let you sleep in his dirty sex sheets. I mean, did he even throw his hood out after.

While it’s great to see Mark-Francis back in the building, he was in peak pantomime performance today. Sam P is such an easy target to mock, much like Harry is an easy target to scream and swear at.

Afterthought; is it me or is Sem the male version of Olivia?

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