I can’t be the only one wondering how our richest reality TV stars would fare in the party capital of Ibiza.

But I think we all agree they are visiting a different part of the country than we are used to seeing splashed all over the tabloids every summer.

As it stands, the change in temperature has done nothing for the lack of common sense our Kensington Kids ™ seem to hold.

So Sam and Tiff clearly never watched ‘Friends‘ because they would surely know that being “on a break” rarely ends well. I hope it does for them, but the fact that Mimi only likes to play with other people’s toys doesn’t bode well for anyone involved. Least of all Sam’s body parts when Lucy Watson gets hold of him.

Sadly we’re still discussing whether Harry wants to bonk Frankie. We know he does and the fact that she continues not to completely shut the situation down, means it will continue for the entire series.

Also, who is Emily? I vaguely remember her face but I’m drawing a complete blank otherwise. Much like her personality…

I’ve got to admit I’m loving Evil Liv Bentley, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to stir and spread gossip. Don’t get me wrong, we need her and we love her. The girl’s side eye is also very strong.

Poor Sam Prince… Oh, poor lil Sam. Can he not take the hint or grow up and take the bulls by the horn? Actually that didn’t work out so well last time.

(Ed – I’ve just seen the spoiler for next week and I hope Sam Prince is left out at sea over the next few weeks)

Also, does anyone know what that dark path is? It sounds really scary.

Made in Chelsea Ibiza is on E4, Monday’s at 9pm.