How is this series over already? I know everyone’s been saying it but it really has been the best series so far! The talent has been through the roof and there wasn’t one celebrity who couldn’t dance. Even Ed Balls could move and he was supposed to be this year’s ‘joke’ act. Before I discuss the winner, let’s take a look at all of the dances from the night.

Ore & Joanne:

I can honestly say Ore’s first dance was my favourite routine of the entire series the first time, but it was even better second-time around. Singin’ In The Rain is one of my all-time favourite musicals and this American Smooth was such a good ode to it. I agree with Len; it was a great homage to Gene Kelly but there were tonnes of Ore’s personality in there too.

Ore’s showdance was right up my street. Classic musicals are my cup of tea; they’re what I grew up on and they really suit Ore. He has natural sway and swag and always looks suave in those suits. Luckily for Ore, Joanne is a world champion showdancer so her choreography was geared to win. I loved the features of the dances he’s learnt on the show! Well deserved 40!

Jive time! This was inducted into the Holy Trinity of jives alone with Jill and Jay upon first viewing. It had just the right amount of kicks and flicks as the previous time did and the energy was through the roof! I couldn’t believe he still had it in him; his stamina must be incredible to be able to perform three routines back-to-back-to-back!

S16 Final3.jpg

Louise & Kevin:

The judges chose for Louise to perform her Flashdance-themed Cha Cha Cha which I thought was great originally. I thought there was more hip action this time but for me, it still lacked real showmanship and pizzazz. It was a clean routine but a bit too clean for me! In the final, you really need to go for it!

I won’t lie, I was most excited for Louise’s showdance. Kevin’s choreography is always outstanding and I love contemporary dance as it’s something I’ve done before. However, ballroom/Latin pros have a really odd contemporary style to me as it just comes across as a lyrical ballroom routine. I also thought that there wasn’t enough dancing in this as it was taken over by lifts. I love a good lift but I get bored of them after a couple.

Louise’s best dance was arguably her Argentine tango; it was the first time she really played out a character and acted! I definitely thought you could see more passion in her face and body this time. She came out fighting as she knew this was her last chance to win over the public. The intensity between her and Kevin was on fire!

Strictly Final 3.jpg

Danny & Oti:

I remember Danny’s quickstep deserved a 40 when I first saw it; it was the first time I really thought he grew into the character. However, I was massively disappointed by this. I personally think his nerves got to him which meant he made several mistakes. He still managed to keep his acting skills up though, which is what a true pro does!

Another showdance that I was really looking forward to seeing. Danny does dark and dramatic very well (remember that Argentine tango?) so I knew this would be my kind of dance. I loved the concept and the intertwining of dances within the dance but once again, Danny made a couple of errors. I also wanted to see more pointed feet, including from Oti!

Hooray for seeing Danny in his natural element! I was so thrilled that he got through his samba without one error! I’m not sure how you can improve on a previous perfect score but if there’s a way to, he sure did that! He had the hips, the rhythm and the partnering with Oti were just perfect too!


Farewell Head Judge Len Goodman.

First of all, I loved the group dance with all of the previous contestants. Who doesn’t love a Rick Astley, Spice Girls and S Club 7 medley? I wished there was more Claudia, Judge Rinder and Ed in there though! We all know Claudia is good at flips but she’s also an incredible dancer!

Then it was the results; my vote went towards the eventual winner which was… ORE AND JOANNE! I cannot tell you how excited I was when they announced it. I jumped up off the sofa cheering/doing a celebratory dance.

Immediately I tweeted my thoughts and was shocked to see so many people dissing Ore and being mad that Danny didn’t win. Danny was without a doubt the best technical dancer on the show; however, every week, the judges pick a couple to save based on the performances they’ve seen that night.




I judged the final in the same way and let’s face it, Danny made errors that we’ve never seen before and Ore shined. If that was a regular ballroom competition, they don’t judge you on previous competitions, they judge you on what they see on that floor right there and then.

If any couple would’ve won, I wouldn’t have had an issue with it. I think Ore won because of his ‘journey’. Yes, I went there, I used the J word but Louise was consistent throughout the entire series and I really do think that Danny was just too good from the very beginning.

Overall, it’s been a fantastic series from beginning to end. Can this series just continue to run until the next one starts, please BBC?

Until the next series, keep dancing!