I can’t believe there are only six couples left! I don’t want this series to ever end! Week ten is complete and it was a great week.

This week, the contestants had to learn two dances as they not only had their regular routine but the Cha-Cha-Challenge in which all six couples were on the floor at the same time dancing to the same song, like in a regular ballroom competition.

Danny & Oti:

I realllllly don’t like the Samba. I just find it dull and there doesn’t seem to be that many steps to learn for it either. However, I did enjoy the whole jungle theme to Danny’s dance.

Traditionally, Sambas have a Brazilian, carnival vibe so it was nice to see some originality from Oti. I’m not sure I’d have given it a ten but I thought his technique was superb once again and he really went for it!
Ore & Joanne:

Hands down, my favourite Paso Doble of the series so far. It was so stylish and original compared to the regular bull and matador style and it was right up my street.

There were a few contemporary dance elements to it and I adored the storytelling between the pair of them. I must say Ore’s shaping and upper body were phenomenal throughout the whole of the routine too! It’s a 10 from me!

Louise and Kevin
Louise & Kevin:

I adore Louise and I’m so glad she’s started to use her face to act more. I still feel like she looks down a lot so she needs to know that she is a great dancer!

She always has lovely, balletic arms which will always be perfect for the Waltz and I actually believed the story they were telling. It wasn’t perfect but altogether, it was a beautiful, simple dance.


Judge Rinder & Oksana:

A week to forget? I think he has improved so much in this competition but this was not his week. It’s not often I like a Rumba anyway (I find them mostly very awkward) and this didn’t exactly fill me with joy. His free arm was annoying me slightly as his hand was pointing down rather than outwards. I thought it was a great effort but not a dance I’d like to see again.

Ed & Katya:

Wow. I’ve never even seen the film but all I could think of was Zoolander from start to end. Again, Katya included a lot of Tango content but it’s such a shame that the steps aren’t executed well. It was no Gangnam Style but he always gives it 100% every time.

Claudia & AJ:

Possibly in my top three favourite dances of the entire season so far. I absolutely loved everything about this routine. For a short girl, I thought her footwork was impeccable.

Once again, I like that her dance had a more contemporary feel to it as because she’s so young, it suits her more. The lifts were amazing and she looked divine in that red dress. How on Earth did she not get a 10?!

Judge Rinder
The Cha-Cha-Challenge disappointed me slightly; it was difficult to see what was going on with all the fancy camerawork and I personally didn’t agree with the results. I thought Danny, Claudia and Ore were all better than Louise!

Onto Sunday’s results show which kicked off with a fantastic Sports Day-themed group dance and I’m thrilled that Gorka is back! I wasn’t surprise with the bottom two; at the end of the day, the bottom two on the leaderboard should be in the dance-off.

Judge Rinder improved on his performance and Ed gave it everything he had. As gutted as I am to see Ed go, it is getting to the point where everyone is so much better than him technically and at the end of the day, it is a dance show.

I am absolutely over the moon that next week is Musicals Week as I am a huge musicals geek! I’m hoping for lots of razzle dazzle and crazy costumes!

And you can tell us who you want to win Strictly here.


Strictly is on BBC1 on Saturday and Sunday evenings.