Week 9 has ended and I can’t believe we now only have 6 couples left! The standard is so high now then genuinely any couple can go home if they don’t get enough votes!

I loved that there were two group dances this week too and that both were a nod to the musicals: firstly, A Chorus Line-inspired dance with top hats and tails and Sunday’s had a rock and roll Hairspray vibe (which is right up my street).

Claudia & AJ:

I really enjoyed this Jive routine; I thought the cheerleader vibe really suited Claudia but I think AJ made the choreography too quick and wanted her to travel too far with such tiny legs!

Because it was too quick, she wasn’t able to get the retraction on her kicks and flicks properly. If she’d have got the technique perfect, she could have got a perfect score.


Ore & Joanne:

Once again, Ore is holding his own in the competition. It was the highest scoring Viennese Waltz of the series so far so that just tells you how much his technique and performance skills have come on!

Joanne looked like Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot and Ore totally looks at home in any dance where he gets to play a showman. And who doesn’t love an endless fleckerl?! I was disappointed with Craig’s score because I thought the dance was perfect!

Louise & Kevin:

Now Louise is starting to step up her game. She’s been consistently getting in the top 3 of the leaderboard yet I still think she has more to give.

Kevin’s choreography was sublime as usual and Louise gave it more passion and power than I thought she would. You can tell she pays extra attention to te technique because her flamenco arms were amazing.

Danny & Oti:

I will start by saying I did love this routine; however I did not think it warranted a 40. He made a mistake when he was stood on the table (everyone else did a side ball change and he forgot it) yet nobody seemed to see it!

I thought apart from that, the dance was phenomenal. His swivel was good and he managed to show the essence of the dance as well as show his personality!


Ed & Katya:

I actually wanted more drama on that entrance! Unfortunately, because the standard is so high, I think Ed’s days may be numbered in the competition.

Sad I know, but the gap between him and the rest is nearly at ten points. The Jive wasn’t as amazing as last week’s Gangnam Style but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to top that! I actually thought he was pretty light on his feet and once again, Katya did not go easy on the steps; it was jam-packed full of kicks and flicks!

Greg & Natalie:

A Grease-themed quickstep? Yes please! I loved all the Grease-isms in there with the hand jive and the box steps from You’re The One That I Want; well done Nat for an amazing routine!

I did agree with the judges, Greg had so much bounce that he nearly travelled too far and off the floor and into the audience! Unfortunately his frame started to slip towards the end but I think that was due to the theme. Not his best but certainly not his worst!

Judge Rinder & Oksana:

A bit of Spice Girls on a Saturday night? What a treat! This routine blew me away. I can’t believe just how well he just throws himself into every single routine. It was definitely hip-tastic and jam-packed with technique once again.

This was the first time his face made me a bit squeamish so I tried to concentrate on the dance instead! Massively undermarked again!


Sunday’s results show was a big shock to me. I wasn’t surprised that Greg was in there but Claudia had the dreaded first dance and people do forget what happened at the beginning of the show! As much as I was rooting for both pairs, it was without a doubt the right decision to keep Claudia.

Her technique is a class above Greg’s and she consistently scores higher than him. I want Claudia in the final so I’m hoping this will give her an extra boost and she will come out fighting next week!

Greg has improved the most on the show, especially coming from a non-dancing background. He has met some dances that weren’t for him but stick him in hold in a ballroom routine and he flourishes. I’m gutted to see him go but someone has to!

Until next week, keeeeep dancing!

P.S. Petition to have a musical-themed week anyone?


NOTE: Can we send lots of love and best wishes to Gorka after his awful attack. Hopefully they will catch the criminals who did it.