I never thought I would see the day when Brendan Sheerin was flustered or vex. But the Road to Ibiza cast managed it when we had five, yes FIVE refusing to vote; thus leaving Brendan with just one couple on the coach. I’m pretty sure it was a first for the international tour guide, and it was definitely a first for the viewers.

For those of you not in the loop, all the originals refused to vote after brother and sister pair Enzo and Michelina left the trip for unexplained personal reasons. The previous day’s vote had seen the newcomers launch an unnecessary tirade at Matt and Dylan during the vote, thus raising the backs of their fellow originals. Their obvious and predictable plan the following day was to see the Angry Italians yellow carded, but their impromptu departure scuppered those plans. So with all five already on one yellow card, they all refrained from inflicting the vote that would see a fellow original leave. 


So after terse statement from Brendan that refusal to vote would result in an instant red card, they all – after several dramatic pauses – stuck to their guns. While I admired their loyalty to each other I couldn’t help but wonder why they’d all just wasted a trip of a lifetime! I mean, holidays are damned expensive these days. But following the screening of said show, a few of them have added some more information that we weren’t aware of. Like the fact that all pairs have to log their votes with producers pre-event. 

Now given that this trip has seen immunity and instant red cards given out willy-nilly, it would’ve been possible to let the vote be null and void for that day so we weren’t left with Brendan and Rochelle and Alex who are merely a more excitable and less angry, George and Amber. And in a moment to warm your hearts, they are all still friends and they DID make it to Ibiza. Although the status of Jake and Emma’s relationship is unknown, we’d be more than happy to give him a shoulder to cry on if he needed it…

The worst things about the situation was we missed out on Enzo going apoplectic on them all when him and his sister received a yellow card and we’re left with the most uninspiring bunch of contestants since this year’s Big Brother ended.

I already mentioned Rochelle and Alex, who seem to think that a physical interpretation of an emoji is an acceptable way for adults to express their thoughts. These two could become as annoying as herpes! Edward and Alex who are the antithesis of Liam and Sam, and who really should’ve gone to Specsavers. Then we have Gina and Lisa AKA ‘We’re Mum’s but we’re still REALLY cool and down with he kids’. Clearly Zoe Ball is their spirit animal! 

Although we do have the adorable and gorgeous Jess and Abi who may well replace Matt and Dylan in our hearts when it comes to relationship goals. And fitness ones.

Oh well, here’s hoping there’s more interesting people joining in the next few days and that more drama ensues. Because we’ll enjoy it and an international tour guide like our Brendan can definitely handle it.

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