Brendan Sheerin and his coach are back, and this time he has a motley crew of Love Island and Big Brother rejects to chaperone on the ‘Road to Ibiza’.

The decision to move the show to 7.30pm on E4 has caused a lot of contention amongst fans, but it’s the best thing to do as this is aimed at a different demographic than the original. I get the feeling we may see or hear things that are not Grandparent friendly.

Much to his joy, Brendan also has a new coach which has two wheels at the front, and four at the back. The way he talks about it makes me think it’s some kind of magic coach. And it may need to be if he’s going to get through the series  with this lot.

We already have the couple that divides opinion. George and his best friend Amber make me glad I can control the volume on my TV. She talks over people, tells crap stories and she has a tattoo on her thigh of a Ian Beale. Yes, the soap soap character and not only that it’s from when he had his breakdown and was living in the streets. There is so much wrong there I don’t even know where to start. But unfortunately George gets left in Amber’s shadow and it’ll be interesting to see if he starts to show his character. 

Matt and Dylan are the cute couple who remind us that opposites attract, and they seem nice enough. Although after sitting opposite Amber their patience was running thin by the time the vote had to be made. There may well be a sting in their tails. 

Posh birds Tash and Ellie look like they thought this may be more exciting and rebellious than ‘a gap yah’ in Africa, but I can’t see them lasting long as the coach trippers start to bond and make alliances. Yorkshire boys Jake and Jordan said they wanted ‘a bit more sass and pizzazz’ from the girls, but I’m not holding my breath.

Liam &  Sam and Jake & Jordan will be the eye candy for the ladies and while they were all high-fiving on the catamaran, I see trouble ahead as they all seem to have their eye on Emma. The blonde gave them the thrill of the day as she rode the mechanical Bull so expertly.

Danny and Faye are probably the safest couple at the moment as they seem real and down to earth. Although I do worry about the size of the dent in his head, caused by Faye’s thumb. As Brendan said: “He’s a carpet fitter, but she’s definitely the underlay.” 

To add to the youthful vibe, we have the multi-talented Clara Amfo narrating. Her chilled voice is the perfect contrast to the screeching of some of the travellers. I hope the producers have given her freedom with the script, because the potential for educated sarcasm is huge. 

It’ll also be interesting to see how the youngsters cope with the schedule, as we know that Brendan does not mess about when that clipboard is in his hand. 

I get the feeling this could be an amusing journey, and I’m tagging along for the ride. 


Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza is on E4 everyday at 7.30pm.