RIP Beau 

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest animal lover but even I had something in my eyes while watching Bob grieving for his beloved dog. All losses hurt, so I hope Bobby can find some comfort in his memories. And at another time we’ll have the conversation about the irresponsible dog owners who don’t muzzle their pets. 

The way the Essex lot came through for Bobby was heartwarming, particularly Danielle Armstrong and Chloe Sims. And Jon Clark’s poem was so sweet. That boy may not be a Mensa member but he has a heart of gold. I hope he finds a lovely lady soon. 

Once again we had Megan involved in an argument – I know,  I was surprised too! There seems to be this new habit in Brentwood that people can’t have an argument one-on-one. This time it was Pete and Megan versus Michael Hassini. Look I have no problem Pete calling him out for his loose lips, but I don’t see how she feels she can shout at Mike and not expect him to shout back. Yes she may be a girl, but the way she approached him and screamed at him; it’s a natural human reaction for his to raise his voice back. 

In fact, it was a pretty depressing episode. Beau’s death, the latest Megan drama and the end of the bromance between Tommy + Dan. So far, the boys have been seen whinging about each other but I expect to see them whinging AT each other soon enough. Let’s be honest, you know it’s a poor episode if Arg is picking up the Best Line of the Episode. 

Right now the Clark brothers are taking a special place in my heart. Chris and Amber are so cute together, although I’m not sure if talking about sex in front of Mummy Clark is the best way forward. But Jon is too sweet, particularly at a time when midday guys barely think about anything other than themselves. ITVBe would do well to give him more screen time, instead of the negativity they’ve been bombarding us with. 

Come on producers; make us smile on Wednesday, not cry. 


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