”All by myself…”

I don’t know what was squeezing tighter in Love Island this weekend; Terry’s arse when Malin returned or Adam’s jaw when Katie coupled up with Sophie. 

Whichever it was, it was great viewing for all of us and I can’t help but feel like there are more thrills to come as we enter the last week. 

But you know we are fully through the rabbit home when I agree with Kady, not once, but twice in a matter of days. She was right when she pulled Scott up on the actions of him and the other boys as they regressed to their 13 year-old selves at the thought of Katie and Sophie cuddling up. 

Given they are all supposedly grown men, their reactions were similar to the juvenile behaviour of some schoolkids seeing a pair of boobs for the first time. And despite their protestations otherwise, it felt like they were just hoping for some girl-on-girl action. 

In reality I couldn’t care less if Sophie  and Katie are coupled up with each other, a boy or a frigging alien. Because frankly their actions don’t affect my life. But the one difference I did notice was that Sophie is smiling a lot more than she was when Tom was in the villa. 

Admittedly that could be down to clever editing, but several Islanders mentioned how happy she looked without that 17 stone weight hanging around her neck. 

Of course what we were all waiting for was Malin’s return, and it did not disappoint. From Scott nearly spitting his beer into Terry’s face, to him leaving the table with her sunglasses; it was a cracking bit of reality tv gold. I imagine the last time Terry looked that confused was when the machine in Tesco informed him that there was ‘something unexpected in his baggin area’. It was awkward, uncomfortable and slightly sinister; everything I like from a confrontation. 

Hold on, that’s my line!

Fair play to Malin though. She put on her big girl pants and didn’t mince her words, not allowing the obvious anger to overcome her. But the funniest part of the whole scenario was Emma’s clear annoyance that Malin hasn’t been slagging her off. Someone as mature as Emma should know that she was never the problem. 

That said, Terry would be naive not to consider that he may not be the most popular dude when their plane touches down. Unlike him, Malin was telling the truth. He’s come across as spiteful and a little bit bitchy. The argument with Sophie a case in point. It’s never nice to see a boy hang up on a girl like that. 

Tina has shown once again that her and Original Adam are the perfect match. They are both slightly awkward with with the opposite sex, and in a house where everyone talks about ‘grafting’ and people being ‘on paper’ it is kind of cute.

But tonight one of Troy and Adam J will be coupled up with a mystery girl. The blonde hair has got everyone thinking it is Zara, but we will have to wait and see. 

As the end of the series draws near there appears to be three couples in the running. Cara and Nathan are firm favourites with many. Their honesty and consistent behaviour is a winner with fans and they are the only original couple. 

Olivia and Alex, then Kady and Scott would make up the top three, in that order. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Katie and Sophie gatecrash. 

Either way I’m sure there is more drama to come, and maybe another appearance from Caroline Flack. If we’re lucky. 


Love Island is on ITV2 every night at 9pm.