In what has probably been my least favourite series of Tales from SW3 ™, I should’ve known I could rely on Mr Edwards to redress the balance with common sense, a few cutting lines and a seriously dapper outfit. Am I the only one that thinks he should really take Jamie shopping?

Rick rode up to that country mansion like a 2016 white Knight on a Segway and I’m glad to see he wore his helmet. Remember kids, safety is key.

And alongside the reasons listed above the beauty of Rick’s presenting is that he’s actually very good at his job. He manages to be firm, sarcastic and intellectually patronising to a bunch of people whose self awareness is so lacking they have probably never heard the phrase DIY.

And unlike Brian Dowling he doesn’t look scared and/or in love with any of his interviewees. It’s a novel concept tv executives, but it works.


He started the show talking to a naked Jamie which is pretty much how the joker seems to spend most of his time judging by the amount of ‘hooking up’ be seems to do.

Then he joined Ollie and Steph in bed, followed by Louise and Lucy in the kitchen. And everyone in a living room that was decidedly small for a huge country mansion.

As I said, there wasn’t loads to discuss in The Aftermath so I’m going to sum up with the key quotes.

Jamie on his and Alex’ ski trip:
“I hooked up with a girl and Alex Mytton slept with her afterwards.”
He then added:
“She picked my bum!”

Ollie on JP and Binky:
“I don’t think the relationship is as strong as it looks.”

Our fave couple

Lucy on apologising to Steph:
“It was important to acknowledge my bitchy personality and apologise on its behalf.”

Lucy on apologising to Sam AND Steph this series:
“I get a weird kick out of it.”

Steph on Jamie’s, ahem, member:
“All of this fuss over such a tiny penis.”

AKA The Jamie Laing Story. Coming to digital TV soon...

Binky on JP:
“I don’t need someone telling me what to do and he is a little controlling sometimes.”

Moral compass JP to Louise:
“Why are you conducting yourself in that manner?”

Binky on Sam and Tiff joining the Mile High Club:
“We saw the remains of it on his shirt!”
(Ed – UGH!)

And last but not least, Mr Edwards to Nicola when she tried to justify their treatment of Steph in the Maldives:


Made in Chelsea will be back from France, later this year. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it…