When it comes to creating awkward moments, Love Island is up there with Dinner Date as their latest shock saw original Tom Powell threatening to leave the house.

The arrival of his most recent ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane could’ve gone several ways, and I feel him leaving was the one that would’ve cost ITV2 the smallest amount in regards to their insurance premiums.

That said, I’ll miss Tom. Partly because he reminded me of a bulldog chewing a wasp whenever he was working out and secondly because I was putting a quid in my piggy bank every time he said “Why are you being off with me?”, and “Don’t push me away.” or any variant of those. Another fortnight and I could’ve paid for my entire family to go on a cruise.


But we can’t ignore the person that caused all the drama. That’s right, Jeremy Corbyn. I originally thought it was Emma’s fault but it seems like he’s the only person Brits can blame at the moment.

Although I don’t like Tom calling her ‘crazy’, I have to question the sort of person that applies for a reality TV dating show after seeing their ex on there. I’ve read quite a few books and I don’t remember seeing that in any manual…


I’m also glad to see that Terry is missing Malin. Oh wait…

But hey, 48 hours alone after three weeks together is a seriously long time. Said no one, ever, except maybe a dog in their years.

Sadly last night was less Love Island and more Sophie-Tom-Emma triangle which was about as uninspiring as it sounds. Particularly when you add Terry and Tina to the mix.


Like I suggested the other day, the producers are playing a dangerous game. While we all want them to play games and wind the contestants up, deep down we also want them to find love or at least give them the opportunity of doing so.

Instead they seem intent on lighting the torch paper underneath any potential relationship. A situation which has left yet another cast member threatening to leave the house.

And for once in my life I have to agree with Kady and Tom, this creepy BFF relationship with Sophie and Emma is ‘effing weird’. Not least when Emma kept joking about stealing her from Tom. Maybe that’s her evil plan…

That said, there was one highlight of the episode for me and that was Scott’s inability to stop laughing throughout the whole situation. From the time he realised who Emma was and throughout the conversations, he was laughing. Followed by more chuckling the next day. If I was him I’d be careful, you never know who is going to walk into that villa next.


Hopefully tonights show will get it back on track with Nathan’s birthday and two new boys joining the drama. Hopefully the one they pick to stay isn’t as socially inept as Adam who proves that personality is more important than looks. Unless you want to sit in silence for eternity.

Plus we’ll also have the fallout from Tom’s non-departure, although it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to hang onto Sophie in the same way that Emma has done since her arrival.


Love Island is on ITV2 tonight at the later time of 10pm.