When Marc-Francis Vandelli is the voice of relationship reason, we all know that there is some serious drama in the hearts of the SW3 faithful.

How else can you explain JP dumping Binky, even before he knew she had kissed someone else on a drunken night out? Of course, I’m not condoning her cheating but if you’ve read my posts before you know that I’ve never thought he was good enough for our Alexandra.

And that’s even before we discuss how gorgeous she is! Serious girl crush over here! Although the breakdown of their relationship gives us all a chance to see Mummy Felstead impart her obvious pearls of wisdom.

As the legendary Marc-Francis said:


I have to say I really enjoy seeing his softer side, which he rarely shows. That said he’s always been a sweetheart to Binks. But his take on matters were 100% right, you need to sort out the underlying problem before you can even begin to move on otherwise you’re just building on broken foundations. And we all know what happens to houses like that.

He may have to turn his counselling aid to the union of Sam and Tiff next as I imagine there will be some drama after the younger Watson saw him up on stage with Steph. FOMO may be the least of your problems when your girlfriend gets hold of you Mr Prom King.

I can't wait for the reunion either, Ollie.

It’s nice to have some eye candy in the shape of Matt but I can’t help but think he’s a bit of a rogue. Surely it’s not good manners to chat up one girl after attending a party with another. Even where I come from, that’s a major faux pas.

Although I do have to question Louise turning him down because of who he liked in the past. It never bother her with Spencer… Although, look how well that turned out.

It’s the last episode in the series tonight and it can’t come soon enough. I don’t know if it’s all the romance drama, the lack of Lucy time or the rather boring new cast members but MiC feels like it’s on its last legs.

Sorry, can someone bring me some coffee please?

Between Jess – who dresses like a five-year-old who’s had too many blue smarties, and Liv Bentley – whose family make classic cars, but boring people; I’ve struggled to care this series. I dunno about you but there is only so much sympathy I can have for our spoilt upper class 20-something’s.

If it wasn’t for the return of Ollie and the sweet innocence of Toff, I may have given up weeks ago.


The last in the series of Made in Chelsea is on E4 tonight at 9pm.