My mentor used to give me feedback in a way I affectionately called ‘a sh*t sandwich’. So rather than tell me straight away that my work was pants, he’d praise me first. Then he’d give me the bad news before finishing with more positive statements.

I couldn’t help but think of this while watching the aftermath of Rachel & Rykard’s departure from the house, following the beach party.

The base of the sandwich was his behaviour; as Rykard has constantly come across as the perfect gent, not just with Rachel but with the way he dealt with the Malin & Terry situation and supported Olivia following that. For the filling, he slept with Olivia as the nurse slept in the bed next to them. Before topping it off with a thick slice of white crusty loaf by quitting the show to be with her.

As gestures go it’s pretty big when you’re watching a group of people who would most likely stand on their Grandmother’s broken foot to get famous. Yes Kady, I’m talking to you! And I think we genuinely saw a contestant with enough sense to put a potential love match over money. And it may have been as cheesy as hell, but I loved his poem. Despite what the media show you, it really is the small gestures that count guys. I am definitely Team Rychel. Or Team Rakard. Whatever, we can decide on that later.


That was only the start of the week for us viewers and it won’t surprise you to know that Evil Cilla had more twists up her sleeve. Muahahahaha.

It seems that Rykard was the sensible glue holding everyone together coz no sooner had he departed, everyone – except Cara & Nathan – started arguing.

* Sophie hated Tom’s shirt and he hated her sarcastic behaviour when she was drunk.

* Terry just wanted to ‘eat his toastie in peace’, while Malin just wanted to hang off his arm like a pretty but paranoid watch.

* And Kady and Scott, the poster children for why you shouldn’t date until you’re 30, argued about everything. That was, when they weren’t bitching about everyone.

* Liv and Adam didn’t argue but you wouldn’t have blamed him if he had given her what for, after she barely spoke to him once he’d secured her immunity. It turns out that Zara may have been right… I know! The shock.

Talking of Zara, as intense and full-on as she can be, she’s getting a rough deal of it at the moment. Losing her title will surely upset her given how proud she clearly was of being Miss GB. Did you know that she was Miss GB? If you were interested in my thoughts, you can find them here.

The biggest issue I had with the situation was Olivia being snide behind her back when she slept with Rykard while Rachel was in the next bed. Double standards, much? Not to mention Alex seemed to get no recourse except Liv winding him up.


Despite hearing all about Zara’s night of regret with Alex, Adam has been a complete adult about it and despite my own growing crush on the Belfast boy I really hope they get to be coupled together. It would be the perfect turnaround story for Zara’s time in the villa. And wise owl Sophie also gave her some important advice to stop worrying about what others thought. While so-called bff Kady accused her off playing the victim. I suspect she was just annoyed people were discussing someone other than her. Oh and you may be familiar with Alex as he previously dated Vicky Pattison, which seems to be a prerequisite for most reality TV stars at the moment.

Talking of re-coupling; we know that it will happen tonight and that the last we saw Kady and Scott had put an end to their annoying game of kiss-chase. It will be interesting to see if she goes for new guy James and sends Scott straight back to Manchester.

Previous readers will know I’ve never liked them two together, but if I had the choice then I would send Kady on her way. Not least because she allegedly didn’t tell her parents that she was going on the show.
How old are you?!


There were a couple of moments that even Evil Cilla couldn’t spoil this week; like Sophie speaking to her Mum and being told that Tom looked like a young Richard Burton. Although I hope she isn’t Elizabeth Taylor or we could be in for a lot of ups and downs. The aisle, that is. But hey, who doesn’t want an excuse to buy a new hat?

And Nathan going redder than Wayne Rooney after a day on the beach, when Cara ribbed him about making their relationship official. He was beyond cute and so are they.

I’m sure that tonight will bring enough drama to bring everyone’s moods down and they’ll all go back to being miserable buggers.


Love Island is on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.