I like to think this song was playing in Jake’s head when Chloe put on her big girl pants and walked away from him. Admittedly she should’ve seen past the pretty blue eyes a long time ago. But better late than never, I guess.

It has been a weird series for TOWIE with the introduction of Megan and her fans, I mean friends. Chloe and Courtney have added nothing to the show, except to make all the other girls closer as they unite over their dislike for them.

I’m actually liking the Clark boys now.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t call them up to talk about the situation in Syria but in the Brentwood Borough of liars and cheats – yes Jake, I’m talking about you – it’s refreshing to see two decent guys who aren’t afraid to put their hearts on the chopping board.


And finally Danielle and Lockie – Dockie or Lanni? – have done us all a favour and got back together. Nine months of tears, pontificating and awkward glances across the room; and finally they’ve decided to give it another go. Thank God, coz I was starting not to care. About them, about television, or about life itself…

It was a nice ending with everyone getting peed at Debbie’s punk themed birthday party. Although was it me, or was Pete the Pirate just wearing his normal clothes?

It was pretty quiet on the drama front although I expect that to change after Jake posted this on twitter…

I can’t see Tommy letting this one slide for too long, if it is aimed at him and Georgia. Jake might want to take a lesson in loyalty from someone who knows what it is! It’s hard to believe he’s single, isn’t it?


Mummy Gatsby at the video shoot: “Would you like a samosa?”

TOWIE will be back later this year.