Oh Chloe Lewis!

I once thought you had the personality of a goldfish, but boy, you have redeemed yourself.

You put the fame-hungry Megan McKenna in her place, and it didn’t require physical violence. (Sorry Naomi)

I’m not sure what it is about Megan but she irates me in a similar manner to toast crumbs in the butter, or maybe a mosquito that just won’t quit. Either way, I’m not a fan.

In the few years that Megan McKenna has been invading my TV screen I’ve only one seen her speechless once. And even then you could hear her brain bouncing around her head.

She is probably the worst edition to the show since… Since…

Exactly! Maybe it’s not her fault though, as this seems to be the way our young people get famous. But she’s doing it with so much anger and too much bronzer for my liking.

Anyway I digress, the best thing about the situation was the way Chloe took control. She was not having it and nor should she. Even those who are McKenna-ites must know that Chloe is the classiest girl on the show, and the liklihood of her not having real proof is slim to none.

Unfortunately this Chloe-Jake-Megan triumvirate is affecting my fave couple, Georgia and Tommy. Btw Pegan, this is what you call a power couple! Say what you like about Tommy but he’s a loyal grafter, and there ain’t many of them about these days. Believe me.

Anyway, I’m not too sure what the point of this blog was except to reiterate that I am #TeamChloe. Oh, and that Danielle and Lockie need to get back together so I can believe in love again.

Like Jon Clark said: “Love is an entity”. 😍